As most are aware, the Dobermann has a serious problem with DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy).

This Scientific study and Biomarker is designed to help detect, at all ages, the possibility of a dog contracting DCM in it’s lifetime.

The Dobermann BIOMARKER : Fasting Lactate DCM


Nicholas Thomas BROSKEY

Nicholas Thomas BROSKEY

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology , College of Health and Human Performance

Currently 41 Scientific studies. More recent work and 2 scientific studies on Plasma Lactate and it’s ability as a Biomarker in predicting future Cardiac/Metabolic illnesses in humans.

Research includes :
– Role of Mitochondria in Health and disease
– Metabolic disease
– Phenotyping

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Links to the two Lactate papers :

Plasma Lactate as a Marker for Metabolic Health

The association between lactate and muscle aerobic substrate oxidation: Is lactate an early marker for metabolic disease in healthy subjects?

Sonia Garcia Hernandez



Owner, Breeder and Specialist Dobermann Judge
16 Scientific studies and publications
3 Books
Attached to Laguna University before her sad passing.
Specialist in Animal Biology
Specialist in Geology
Phd in Genetics
Phd in Environmental Evolution
Phd in Biochemistry

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Experienced Dobermann Breeder, who began Cardio testing her dogs from 1989 and onward

As she had seen an increased problem in the breed already developing.
These tests were done in cooperation with a cardiologist assigned to Copenhagen University, who today is a professor in Cardiology.
First paper on the disease was published in the DV (Dobermann Verein) Magazine in 1988, but in general, was overlooked by most people. But it gave an indication that the disease was far more advanced in the breed than Bitten knew of. All dogs in her kennel have, since that time, undergone cardio tests, and before they were used in breeding. Males selected for her breeding programme were selected accordingly.
Already in 1988, she started to build her personal database, which increased day by day – being analysed for a possible marker for the disease. In 2009 Bitten forged a close contact with Professor Sonia Garcia, and in 2010 they began their research into a possible Biomarker. This paper was finished in 2011. In 2010, all records gathered previously, became a foundation for an online database for all to use. Hoping that more people would take the disease far more seriously and try to breed away from the possible problem.
New tests for the Biomarker were run in 2013, but unfortunately, already Prof Sonia Garcia had developed cancer to her optical nerve system. Hence the finalisation of the paper has been on standby until recently.

Link to Database

With all three people there is a natural connection between them.
While Sonia Garcia has sadly died, which prevented the publishing of the Lactate paper.
Nicholas Broskey has now partnered with Bitten Jonsson in order to PUBLISH the original Biomarker Lactate DCM (planned publication very soon 2023) and to continue testing more Dobermann, in a combat to help the Dobermann with it’s huge problems concerning DCM.


Join us in this longterm fight against Dobermann DCM! Test your dogs!

The Biomarker is a very simple, inexpensive test. A simple blood sample is taken by the Veterinary and they then run the test *IMMEDIATELY* (no sending away). Results are printed within 10 mins.

The test has been developed as a tool to help predict whether a dog is susceptible to contracting DCM in it’s lifetime. The test can be performed on puppies (from 5 weeks) and adult dogs. A very useful tool for Breeders and Individuals.

The Dobermann BIOMARKER : Fasting Lactate DCM
The Dobermann BIOMARKER : Fasting Lactate DCM

We would like to thank the Dobermann Clubs around the World and Dobermann owners for participating in this important work to find a way forward to preserve the health of the Breed.

All results are kept under strict security and used purely by those involved in the continuing research and study of the Biomarker Fasting Lactate DCM.

It would be best for the study if, each owner who has tested and sent their Biomarker results, would also send any information on health problems of their dogs in the future. In order to keep the test relevant and on-track.


A mild Plasma hyperlactaemia is characteristic of Dobermann affected by DCM, being more pronounced in dogs that die in the neonatal period.
Results suggest that plasma lactate concentration can be a valid, inexpensive and gender unspecific Biomarker to evaluate the risk to die from DCM in Dobermann.

MACHINE utilised : Idexx Catalyst (preferred machine to use worldwide)

Idexx Catalyst

Important Notice :

Please note there is no test to order specifically. Simply find a Veterinary Clinic near you with an Idexx Catalyst machine. Test to be run is Plasma Lactate (LAC) and is indicated in the Veterinary Protocol.


Machine : Idexx Catalyst which tests for Lactate Levels (Clips : Blood Plasma (LAC)), machine to remain constant in all countries.
TEST is run In SITU and NOT sent away.
Dog to remain in vehicle to keep calm until ready for entry into clinic.
Dog without food for 12 hours
Dog ID checked and general condition noted
Blood sample taken and WITHIN 5 MINUTES run test on Blood Plasma Lactate level on IDEXX CATALYST machine.


1. Dog must be WITHOUT food for 12 hours before blood sample taken.
2. Dog must in calm state of mind, so ALL dogs to be tested are to be taken out of CAR at a timely moment , NOT in Waiting room of Vet Clinic.
3. Results collected WITHIN 10 mins at VET CLINIC and sent to the researchers on.

Any Questions and/or Results to be sent